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Welcome to Talks with the Feminine with Annie Tayleur.
This podcast explores the many ages, stages and facets of the feminine journey.
Through differing perspectives and the sharing of stories, I hope to normalise the feminine experience and what it means to identify as a girl or a woman today.
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Latest Episode

Talking Annie’s Birth at Home

In this episode, with Abbey Rentoul rejoining us as guest host, Annie shares the story of the recent birth of her third baby girl at home.


















Meet The Host

Annie Tayleur

Annie Tayleur

Annie is a teacher, doula, childbirth educator, psychology student and women’s circle leader as well as being a mum to two (nearly three) little people. Her in-depth interest in women’s stories- their lives, interests and wellbeing eventually grew to create this podcast.

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Talks with the Feminine

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A Podcast sharing stories, insight and exploring what it means to identify as a woman today.